Debonayr Rattery

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Debonayr Rattery is a small hobby rattery based in Ayr, Scotland. The Rattery is run by myself, Mel Connelly, a Scottish rat club and Y.R.C. member with 7 years accumulative experience breeding rats. I have kept rats since my teenage years and enjoy sharing the joy of these wonderful creatures with others.

Varieties Bred

Breeding for Siamese and related, Russian Blue and Essex in Dumbo and top ear as well as Rex and smooth coat. Other varieties are available from time to time.

Welcome to Debonayr Rattery

Rattery Aim

To produce lovely fancy rats which are healthy, friendly and well socialised for loving pet homes as well as working towards producing quality show rats.
This year I will be working towards guide standard Golden Himalayan and Burmese but will still continue with other varieties.

Why go to a rattery for your new rat?

Many people are clued into the fact that most pet shops (NOT ALL) acquire their rats from rodent farms these days - which essentially means - they're not pets they're profit! Being raised at a rodent farm - Have they been given the best possible start in life? Have they been fed a good quality diet? Are their parents of good sound temperament and health? Are they well socialised and friendly?

These are the questions that in my experience, an increasing number of people are asking and as a result more people are looking online for good private ratteries to find their wonderful pet rats. Long may this continue !